Yoko Ørgreen Sunglasses – Bellevue Eyewear Hamburg

Yoko Ørgreen Sunglasses – Bellevue Eyewear Hamburg

Spring is finally here. At least here in Hamburg we have „even on weekends“ good weather. Petrus is  employee friendly this time! I hope you can enjoy the beautiful weather. Top weather means to me Sunglasses time and that’s the point here.

At today’s photo shoot is all about my new sunglasses named Yoko by Danish Eyewear Brand Orgreen. Basically, I love round sunglasses anyway, because they act stylish and fit „almost every“ face shape…. regardless of age or type. But this model of titanium impressed me in particular because of the simple design, the delicate shape and the beautiful course. And it is extremely light and durable.

These sunglasses are available at Bellevue in Hamburg Bleichenbrücke. There you will find competent advice, individual Eyewear Brands and a brand new and modern store design… Bellevue celebrates reopening.

Finding the perfect glasses or sunglasses, is not always an easy task. I therefore attach great importance to professional and good advice. I sometimes don´t buy a product, because of a bad seller. Are you as strict as I am in this case? I wish you much fun shopping! Happy Day!

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Jacket: Zara. Dress: H&M. Bag: Chloe. Jeans: Closed. Shoes: Mango.

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  1. Anonymous
    3. April 2016 / 9:43

    Beautiful post… these shades are just fab 😉 and yes… i sometimes buy something because of a good seller… quality time is very important for me… in every situation! Happy Sunday! Carla

  2. Anonymous
    3. April 2016 / 9:45

    Love the pictures Georgia… happy sunday! Jenny

  3. Georgia
    3. April 2016 / 18:56

    Thank you sweetie

  4. Georgia
    3. April 2016 / 18:56

    Thank you Carla ❤️

  5. 15. Juni 2016 / 19:00

  6. Georgia
    15. Juni 2016 / 19:31


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