YOGA ist meine neue Liebe

YOGA ist meine neue Liebe

I am beginning to believe that there is a suitable moment for everything in life. For years I could not take „Yogi’s“ serious and could absolutely not understand why there are so many of them. Sporadically, I had been persuaded by girlfriends to visit yoga classes with no positive result. I was a real jogger. Almost every morning around six you could see me at the Alster or Elbe in Hamburg or at the Limmat in Zurich. Jogging was the greatest for me. I wanted to be the fastest. The fresh air and the feeling really to have done something, I got only when jogging. I thought so.

Then came the twist and the yoga mat changed from the enemy to the friend.

I am jogging nowadays only from time to time. I learned to listen to the signals of my body. It has clearly shown that the jogging has degenerated to my body disadvantageously. I felt that time has come for gentle intensity and meditative body control. Meanwhile, yoga belongs to my everyday life. Immediately after getting up I go to yoga classes. When I am traveling, I am looking forward to the yoga session with my favorite Youtuberin Boho-Beautiful. I have attached a yoga video of her just below for you.

Yoga makes you beautiful, but I thought that it is not enough as a sport. I believed that in fact you can  only be slim or loose weight through hard sports.

Wrongly thought. Yoga makes you slim and strong. Body control is the focus here. Yoga changes not only the body, but also the mind. I feel more relaxed, quieter and have learned much better and more accurately to listen to my needs. After each yoga session, I feel light and free of bad energy.

Every beginning is hard, but it is worth it.

The first yoga lessons were really hard for me. Although I have done a lot of sports (jogging), it has not worked with muscle strength and body control. I have almost no yoga position really passed through. It was particularly difficult for me with the stretching. After a month I noticed that my body is slowly but surely coming into yoga mode. Meanwhile, I am not a professional, but it feels better and better! In this sense: Namaste!

yoga-odlo2-min yoga-odlo-1-min


2 Kommentare

  1. 26. Oktober 2016 / 11:48

    Ich mache Pilates in einer Gruppe zusammen mit meinem Mann. Das macht nicht nur großen Spaß, sondern tut uns wahnsinnig gut, weil der ganze Körper beteiligt ist.
    Hab eine schöne Restwoche.
    LG Reni

  2. Georgia
    28. Dezember 2016 / 15:20

    Pilates ist genau so gut wie Yoga! Ich bin sehr froh, dass ich Yoga für mich entdeckt habe. Ich kann davon nicht genug bekommen zurzeit! LG

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