White Dreams with Floris van Bommel

White Dreams with Floris van Bommel

White Dreams with Floris van Bommel

Hello loves and happy 2019! I hope you had an amazing time the last days! I spent a lot of time at home between Christmas and Ney Year’s Eve. Sometimes is staying at home just the best thing you can do… In other words I am feeling really good right now, full of energy and ready for new adventures!

Today I would like to present you my new boots from Floris van Bommel! I love to combine things in an unusual way, so why not wearing them with an amazing dream dress in white? These boots are current my favorite pair, because they are warm, comfortable and they are so 100{542fc98f9942062397264bdb1e9ffb29c8af227025b9aa9747dc73827cb48cbb} rock style! Exactly my kind of shoes!

I am traveling to a dream destination next week and these boots are coming with me. So stay tuned! xoxo Georgina Moreno

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Dress: Viviry

Boots: Floris van Bommel

Jewelry: APM, Rita & Zia


Pictures, post production and editing Georgina Moreno


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