Alhambra Granada

Alhambra Granada

When you see a black cat unexpected, you can understand this as a bad luck moment. Talking about superstition… For me, this has always been a good luck sign. Perhaps this is why our day trip to the Moorish city of Alhambra in Granada was so successful. We had amazing weather and could admire the beautiful and filigree Building with its huge rosary gardens. A world cultural heritage that you should have seen at least once in a lifetime. Many cats in all sorts of colors live there. Why? Well, cats were indispensable in the ancient Arab world, as hunters of vermin and protectors of supplies. They also kept snakes away by eating the beaten animals.

A  good tip for Alhambra fans is to stay for the night at the Parador de Granada Hotel. The former monastery is located directly in the Alhambra garden and with luck you even get a room with garden view. xoxo

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  1. Mia
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:07

    Amazing pics babe! Love the text

  2. Lena
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:08

    Top Bilder! Hab einen wunderschönen Tag Georgia!

  3. Carmen
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:09

    So happy I found this blog! Love the pics and your entire style!

  4. Fernanda
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:10

    Amei essas Fotos e as dicas! Bjs

  5. Georgia
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:10

    Thx babe

  6. Georgia
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:10

    Danke meine süße! Ebenso;)

  7. Georgia
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:11

    Thank you sweetie! Happy to hear this!

  8. Georgia
    18. Juni 2017 / 8:11

    Obrigada amor

  9. Marvin
    18. Juni 2017 / 19:44

    Very cool place

  10. Georgia
    18. Juni 2017 / 19:45

    It’s amazing

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