Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. For this reason there are a few gifts tips from me. For the wine lovers among us, I can recommend these beautiful wine glasses from Zaltoglas. They are not just an eye-catcher for every table decoration, but also extremely light.

A woman can never say no to a teddy bear … especially when it’s a really big one. I am so happy to own this one. It is just so cute!

The interior fans among us will love this Engels Kerzen scented candle. This manufactory produces the most beautiful and highest quality ones that can currently be found. This scented candle has such a pleasant and light fragrance, that it can even be used as a table decoration.

And finally, a small passion of mine comes to light. I love noble soaps, because they act as a decoration piece and fragrance freshener. You will find everywhere in my house these beautiful unique pieces. And last but not least don’t forget to bring the most beautiful flowers home. This should be a frequent ritual, regardless of whether it is an important date or not. I hope I could inspire you with my ideas. Happy valentine’s day shopping.

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Candlelight: Engels Kerzen

Wine Glasses: Zaltoglas

Dishes: Dibbern

Soup-Box: Claus Porto via Netaporter

Teddy: similar here

Cutlery: Cutipol



Pictures, Editing & Post Production Georgina Moreno

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