Trenchcoat Timeless Classic

Trenchcoat Timeless Classic

A lot of trends come and go, classics stay timeless forever. The key to these classics, such as the Trenchcoat in this case, is to invest in quality pieces that will last and you will wear it without thinking too long… In other words, buying good quality is always better. And although I do not exclusively buy expensive pieces, I tend to wear the timeless and high quality ones again and again. I always wear the same pieces, although I own a lot of clothes. The result is that the cheap ones get away sooner or later.

Every woman changes her taste for fashion in the course of life. Somehow I’m just going through this phase. I’ve sorted out a lot the last weeks and realize that it’s not so difficult for me to say goodbye to lot of clothes… Otherwise I do not regret investing in quality timeless pieces at all. Because I never give them away. They lead me for a lifetime and survive every change of fashion taste. xoxo Georgina Moreno

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Trenchcoat: Frogbox

Jeans: Silver

Shoes: Santoni

Long rings: Rita & Zia

Pictures, Editing and post production Georgina Moreno