Travel Diary: Marrakech Do’s & Don’ts

Travel Diary: Marrakech Do’s & Don’ts

Travel Diary: Marrakech Do’s & Don’ts

Hey loves! Finally I managed to write a detailed Travel Diary about Marrakech for you. As you know, we were there for one week, so we had more time to explore the city, experience different things and discover new places. These pics were taken in the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. 

Today I would like to give you some tips how to enjoy Marrakech at its best.

This city is a perfect mixture of dark and light… it has amazing and not so amazing sides. Here are my tips for you how to have a great time there and feel good.


If you are coming for the first time to Marrakech I really recommend you to book a guide for the first day. This is the best way to get an overview about the city and people. Your hotel can surely help you in this case.

Marrakech is divided in two parts. The old and the new city. The Medina, where the big market is, is part of the old one. It’s the best place for shopping typical things from Morocco like shoes, bags, hats, decoration pieces, beauty products, silver jewelry etc… It’s really something you can’t miss. For the best and affordable silver jewelry I can recommend you Chinguett Store (30, Rue Rahba Lakdima) and for the best shoes La Maison des Babouches (Souk El Kebir 274). 

Inside of the Medina there are a lot of beautiful small cafés where you can eat delicious food. We were at four different places.  For the high budget: La Sultana Hotel offers you the most beautiful patio. Around the pool you can have lunch and in the evening they serve dinner at their amazing rooftop. There you can watch the most amazing sunset and see a huge community of storks flying around….. This place is so romantic and magical. The La Villa des Orangers is another magical place I can recommend. We had a delicious dinner there. 

For the small budget I can recommend you two places: The Shtatto rooftop cafe and the Nomad Marrakech Restaurant. Both places offer you delicious food and a beautiful view over the Medina. Another beautiful place is the Palais Donab. There you can enjoy a quiet lunch break during your shopping tour at the vibrant and loud Medina.

The new part of Marrakech is modern. It offers you all the shops you can find in Europe like Zara, H&M etc… and a lot of fancy restaurants and pubs for having lunch during your shopping tour. You definitely should visit the typical galleries. There are many of them in Marrakech. You just have to ask your Taxi driver to bring you to some of them. They sell things like furniture, leather products, fashion, jewelry, carpets etc… My favorite one is called Pacha.

Luxury shopping is a little bit different in Marrakech than in other cities, because all high end brands have their stores in the luxury hotels. To visit all of them it’s better to take a taxi and drive from hotel to hotel. The shopping mall of Marrakech is not so big. We could check all the stores in just one hour. 

And not to forget is the Yves Saint Laurent Museum. It’s a must for fashion lovers. You should buy your tickets at the hotel, because it’s always overcrowded there. And don’t forget to visit the Le Jardin Majorelle just on the side of the Museum. Its so instagramable. Shopping tip: Inside of it there is a small store selling beautiful silver jewelry.  


There is no place not so far from Europe that offers you such an amazing and exotic holiday, but this world works totally different as the life you normally know…

Every taxi driver in Marrakech, no matter if he’s friendly or not, will try to earn more money with you. To drive you from A to B is not good business for him. He will offer you showing you the city and its hotspots. The idea is good in principal, but you should know what you want to see… otherwise he wont stop showing you things and bringing you to places you don’t really want to see. And if you just want to drive from A to B you always have to talk with the driver about the price in advance, because it will always be more expensive than it should.

In Marrakech you can find many places offering good food with hygienic circumstances… but you should really take care where and what you eat… The food is too different from European food and maybe not good for yourself. 

Talking about prices is normal in Marrakech. What you have to look out for when you want to buy something is… they will always offer you the highest price…. Don’t accept it and offer them the lowest one as a shocking offer. At the end you will find a perfect price for both sides.

Generally, Marrakech is a secure place so you can feel free to walk around. You should not stay all the time at the hotel… this city is too exciting for that. 


Marrakech is really amazing. This city is a place you have to visit. It will change your mind, because it is so inspiring. It is one of the few places on earth where you can forget your normal everyday life and let everything go. Although it is not far from Europe, is not yet as controlled and standardized. More travel inspiration can be found here. xoxo Georgina

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