• The Joouly – My new luxury Item

    The Joouly – My new luxury Item

    When you look at these pictures you will probably think… Oh no… this ist a typical fashion blogger trying to promote non-fashion products. I agree with you, but not entirely, cause this product is a very fashionable accessory and my promotion is on point, right?

    This is „The Joouly“ and it is a must have for interior design fans, who like me love high quality and good music with the perfect lightning mood. My newest piece of desire is an all-rounder. It is a speaker, a lamp, a vase… And as you can take it anywhere I am currently using The Joouly everywhere in the house. Closet, kitchen, bathroom, gym… there are no limits to imagination … where and how to use the joouly.

    I love winter but now I wish warmer days so I can stay longer in the garden lounge and cool a champagne there… yes, it is true… you can do that with it too. This feature is my favorite! Soon I will let you know how the champagne tasted…


    AD/Collaboration with The Joouly.


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      • Georgina
        5. Februar 2020 / 14:21

        Thank you

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