Warum Sport und Reisen zusammen gehören

Warum Sport und Reisen zusammen gehören

Warum Sport und Reisen zusammen gehören

Seit meiner Kindheit treibe ich viel Sport. Irgendwie war es schon immer ein Teil meines Lebens. Natürlich gab es Zeiten in meinem Leben, wo ich keinen Sport getrieben habe. Die Folgen davon waren depressive Verstimmung und körperliche Beschwerden. Seit ein paar Jahren habe ich mich wieder gefangen und bin so aktiv wie noch nie. Ich treibe jeden Tag Sport und kann mir ein Leben ohne nicht mehr vorstellen.

Warum ist das so? Sport ist wohltuend für Geist und Seele. Er ist oft die Lösung für einige selbst gemachte Probleme des Alltags. Besonders auf Reisen treibe ich Sport. Er hilft mir einen stressigen Tag mit Fotoshootings und Ausflügen zu überstehen.

Es gibt keine Entschuldigung. Wenn einige Hotels kein Fitnessstudio haben, gehe ich oft joggen oder mache Yoga wie hier im Tivoli Palácio de Seteais Sintra Hotel. Und die Kulisse für dieses Shooting könnte nicht inspirierender sein, oder? Der Morgennebel und die mystische Stimmung des Waldes war einmalig. Ich trage Kamah.

Warum Sport und Reisen zusammen gehören:

1.Es macht dich stärker für einen anstrengenden Tag.
2. Es hilft der Verdauung, die oft auf Reisen nicht funktioniert.
3. Es hilft dir geistig fit zu bleiben.
4. Es ist gut für die Figur, vor allem, weil wir im Urlaub mehr essen als zu Hause.
5. Als Jogger hat man beispielsweise die Möglichkeit, die Stadt aus einer anderen Perspektive zu erkunden.
6. Es hilft dir  neue Menschen mit den gleichen Fähigkeiten und sportlichen Zielen kennenzulernen.
7. Wenn man nach einem anstrengenden Tag Sport treibt, wirkt dies entspannend und hilft dabei, besser zu schlafen.

Ich könnte ewig darüber reden… aber ich denke, dass die Nachricht bereits angekommen ist, richtig? Jedenfalls ist Sport immer eine gute Idee und ich hoffe, ich konnte euch ein wenig dazu ermutigen. Für alle, die sich für das Hotel interessieren, wird in Kürze ein Travel Diary online sein. Mehr zum Thema Yoga gibt es hier. xoxo Georgina Moreno


Since my childhood I do a lot of sports. Somehow it has always been part of my day. Of course, there were times in my life where I did not do sports. The consequences of this were depressed mood and physical degradation. I’ve been under control again for a few years now and I’m back as active as ever. I do sport every day and can not imagine a life without it. Why is that so? Sport is beneficial for the mind and soul and often the solution for some self-made problems of everyday life. Even when traveling I do sports … specially when I have a fully planned day with photo shoots, trips and more. There is no excuse. If some hotels do not have a gym, I often go jogging or doing yoga like here at the Tivoli Palácio de Seteais Sintra Hotel. And the backdrop for this shooting could not be more inspiring with the morning mist and mystical mood of the forest that surrounded me. I’m wearing Kamah Why sport and traveling go together from head to toe.

Why sports and traveling go together

  1. It makes you stronger for a busy day.
  2. It helps digestion, which often trips while traveling.
  3. It helps to keep you mentally fit.
  4. It’s good for the shape, especially because you tend to eat more on holiday than at home.
  5. For example, as a jogger, it gives you the opportunity to explore the city from a different perspective.
  6. It helps you to meet people with the same abilities and sporting goals, as they are often found in the hotel gym.
  7. When you do sports after a busy day, it has a relaxing effect and helps you to sleep better.

I could go on talking about it forever… but I think the message is sent for now, right? Anyway, sport is always a good idea and I hope I was able to encourage you a little bit to do sports. For those who are interested in the hotel, a travel diary will be online soon. More about Yoga can be found here. xoxo Georgina Moreno

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Yana Nesper in Florence

Yana Nesper in Florence

Here is my first blogpost from the one-week stay in Tuscany. I was there for Materialist magazine in my job as a photographer this time, and I took pictures from exciting people and estates. This trip was about the super tuscan wineries, their founders and owners. I saw such wonderful and extraordinary destinations and couldn’t resist to take pictures there for you. So stay tuned for the upcoming shootings.

This shoot for Yana Nesper took place in Florence, where I unfortunately stayed for one night. This is a city palace with centuries-old history, owned by an old and traditional Italian family. It was a big honor for me to have the chance to shoot in these beautiful and very impressive rooms. I am wearing the new jewelery collection of the pearls and jewelry manufactory Yana Nesper. And because it took place in Italy, I’ve chosen a Versace dress that, in my opinion, fits perfectly with the location and the jewelry. My favorite piece jewelry is the necklace. I love its minimalist and elegant design. It can be worn in three different shapes, as you can see on the pictures.

Stay tuned, the next post from my Tuscany trip will be online soon. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Hier ist mein erster Blogbeitrag vom einwöchigen Aufenthalt in der Toskana. Ich war für das Materialist Magazine in meiner Funktion als Fotograf dort und habe Bilder gemacht von höchst spannenden Persönlichkeiten. Bei dieser Reise ging es um sogenannte Super Tuscan Weingüter, sowie ihre Gründer und Eigentümer. Ich habe wundervolle und erstaunliche Plätze besucht und konnte einfach nicht widerstehen ein paar shootings für euch dort zu machen. Also bleibt dran.

Dieses Shooting für Yana Nesper fand in Florenz statt, wo ich leider nur einen Tag gewesen bin. Dies ist ein Stadtpalast mit jahrhundertealter Geschichte. Es war mir eine große Ehre, in diesen wunderschönen und sehr beeindruckenden Räumlichkeiten shooten zu dürfen. Ich trage die neue Schmuckkollektion von Yana Nesper. Und weil es in Italien stattfand, habe ich mich für ein Versace-Kleid entschieden, das meiner Meinung nach perfekt zur Location und zum Schmuck passt. Mein Lieblingsschmuck ist die Halskette. Ich liebe das minimalistische und elegante Design. Die Kette kann auf drei verschiedene Arten getragen werden, wie man auf den Bildern sehen kann.

Stay tuned, denn der nächste Beitrag aus meiner Toskana-Reise wird bald online sein. xoxo Georgina Moreno


Aqui está o meu primeiro post de uma semana na Toscana. Desta vez, como parte do meu trabalho como fotógrafa da revista Materialist, tirei fotos de pessoas e propriedades emocionantes. Esta viagem foi sobre as melhores vinícolas toscanas, seus fundadores e proprietários. Eu vi lugares tão maravilhosos e extraordinários e não pude resistir em tirar fotos para vocês. Então fiquem atentos para os próximos shoots.

Este shooting para Yana Nesper aconteceu em Florença, onde eu fiquei uma noite. Este é um palácio com séculos de história pertencente a uma antiga e tradicional família italiana. Foi uma grande honra para mim fotografar nestes belos e impressionantes quartos. Eu mostro aqui a nova coleção de jóias de pérolas da Yana Nesper. E porque foi na Itália, eu escolhi um vestido da Versace, que eu acho que se encaixa perfeitamente com a localização e as jóias. Minha joia favorita é o colar. Eu amo o design minimalista e elegante. Pode ser usado em três formas diferentes, como vocês podem ver nas fotos.

Fique ligado, o próximo post da minha viagem à Toscana estará online em breve. xoxo Georgina Moreno

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Dress: Versace

Shoes: Valentino

Jewelry: Yana Nesper

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Villa Hibiscus via Vila Vita Collection

Villa Hibiscus via Vila Vita Collection

Villa Hibiscus via Vila Vita Collection

The time has come! Now I finally can present you the final destination of my trip to Portugal. My husband and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the Villa Hibiscus. This villa, which usually has space for about 10 people, is located in front of the Atlantic Ocean and offers everything the luxury heart desires. We even had an own cook and a butler. It was one of the most exciting experiences for us

The sunsets I saw there were absolutely amazing.

This distinguish beach villa has also totally inspired me in terms of interior and decoration. When I got home I started redecorating my house right away. My husband was not amused about it. But at the end he loved the results.

If you can’t get enough of the Villa Hibiscus, please stay tuned. I will release a very special fashion shoot and a video coming directly from there in the next few days. Villa Hibiscus can be booked anytime via Villa Vita Collection. Don’t forget: You only live once! xoxo Georgina


Travel Diary: Vila Vita Parc Portugal

Travel Diary: Vila Vita Parc Portugal

After a wonderful week in Portugal I am finally back home. Now it is time to show you my second destination of this trip. It is the Vila Vita Parc, a five star luxury hotel and beach resort at the Algarve. My husband and I spent three nights there and experienced various special things. I love Portugal so much, because it feels like my homeland, but it is not so far away like my country of birth Brazil.

Vila Vita Parc is an amazing place where you really can forget your everyday life and enjoy the best things in life.

Our first day started with two highlights, a sea cave boat tour and a dinner at the two Michelin stars Ocean Restaurant. If offers the most breathtaking view over the Atlantic Ocean and the food is just over the top. This place is the perfect mixture between elegance, best service and sublime food. Our sommelier was fantastic too and offered us the best wines. It was an unforgettable experience.

Our second day started with a lot of work. We created marvellous new content for you during this day. But first we had an amazing breakfast at the Bela Vita Restaurant. You can also have breakfast at the Atlântico Restaurant and enjoy an amazing ocean view. I am the kind of person, that can’t live without sports, even when I am traveling. The Vila Vita Parc has a great fitness studio where I made sports every morning. This is the best way for me to start the day. At the evening we had dinner at the Mizu Teppanyaki Restaurant offering the best Japanese gastronomy.

At our third evening we had an amazing wine tasting in their own wine cellar. It is located 8 meters underground.

Built with solid clay bricks, some over 150 years old imported from Egypt, Austria and Greece. The wine cellar hosts over 11ooo wine bottles from Portugal and from all over the world. I felt in love with their wine variety. Later that evening we had dinner at the Adega Restaurant and enjoyed delicious traditional food. We unfortunately didn’t have time to experience all restaurants of this hotel. View the hole range here.

Between meetings and photo shoots we found time to experience their amazing spa and enjoyed a great massage. View all treatments here. Another highlight for me was to spend time at their several pools and at the beach. We had the best weather with 30 degrees and blue sky everyday.

During writing this blogpost it is raining outside and I can hear the wind blowing. You can imagine how I am missing Vila Vita Parc now, right? I really hope to come back soon. Please stay tuned to enjoy the Vila Vita Parc experience a little bit longer. We made several photoshoots for you there. These and my third destination travel diary are coming online soon! Please check my first destination here. It is worth it to check it out. xoxo Georgina