The St. Moritz White Turf Look

The St. Moritz White Turf Look

This photo shoot took place in St. Moritz during this year’s White Turf. An absolute premiere for me. Although I’m no horse lovers and it was quite cold, the horse racing has extremely fascinated on the frozen lake. St. Moritz also has more to offer. Luxury stores such as Valentino, Gucci, Prada, etc. are on site. I have not visited them, because there was no time for that. One more reason to return to St. Moritz ;). Unfortunately, I do not drive so good ski, but even that can be done there wonderful. I can only say: I`ll be back;) xoxo Georgia

Jacket: Live & Love. Pullover: La Martina. Skirt: Zara. Cap: WeLoveFurs. Bag: Chanel. Boots: Goerzt. Sunglasses: Celine Paris. Earring:
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