The St. Moritz Look

The St. Moritz Look

When the first snow fresh falls, a very special atmosphere arises. First, you do not believe your eyes when you look out the window and discover a beautiful white landscape. Even the most desolate road looks fabulous. Then everything is suddenly silent. No steps, cars and people. It seems as if the entire world is in a deep sleep. Then it feels very good to be at home and have it cozy. These are the features of winter.

In St. Moritz I could enjoy that feeling again. It was much snow there. The city lake was frozen and the mountains entirely white. Long walks in the snow were on the program. Then there was delicious food and hot drinks. The cold season has been found in St. Moritz at its best. 😉 This here is the second and also the last photo shoot there. I hope soon to be able to be in St. Moritz. xoxo Georgia

Jacke: Duohtavuohta. Pullover: H&M. Jeans: Pepe. Belt: Reptiles House. Boots: Uggs. Cap: Grieder. Bag: Chanel. Sunglasses: RayBan.

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