Skincare Routine during Fall/Winter

Skincare Routine during Fall/Winter

It’s really crazy how fast time passes. In a few weeks it will be Christmas. Outside it is becoming cold and windy and the leaves are increasingly falling from the trees. Autumn is here with all its facets.
I personally love this time of year, because of the coziness that comes with it. I am always happy to be at home during bad weather days and enjoy time watching tv or in the sauna. How about you?

Today I have a beauty tip for stressed autumn skin. From my point of view this duo is unbeatable and I currently use it every day in the morning before I do my makeup. It’s about the Hydro Gel Mask by Annemarie Börlind. I use this after a good cleansing on the facial skin and let it act for 10 minutes. It provides my skin with moisture and cares for it intensively.

Then I use the Rescue Diver Serum from Elixseri. This protects the skin against dehydration during the day and the skin is immediately saturated with multi-layered moisture. My skin is padded from the inside out. I wonder every time how firm and elastic the skin appears. Even fine lines are less visible. My skin feels so supple and fresh and can absorb the makeup much better. This positive feeling lasts the whole day. My skin tends to impurities and I have some very oily and dry zones. Since I use elxseri, these imbalances are gone. Elixseri is the best solution for anyone who has such a skin as me. Try this and tell me your experiences! xoxo Georgina Moreno


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