Seidengleich Argan Light Cream

Seidengleich Argan Light Cream

Today I test a cream with a name that does not promise too much for you. The Seidengleich (Skin like silk) Argan Light Cream for dry and normal skin. This is a face cream with highly concentrated Argan Oil, hyaluronic acid, Urea and borage seed oil. The Beauty-Brand says that, this product should make the protective shield of the skin stronger, activate regeneration processes and contribute to the protection of premature skin aging. I have tested this product for about a week and can report the following… The cream absorbs quickly. It is odorless. It leaves no residue on the skin. The skin still feels after hours very tender and well maintained. The skin appears smoother, total fresh and rested. Just Seidengleich (it means skin like silk) ; ) I hope you can get a bit seen in the photos !


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