Renu Advanced Intensive Redox Serum

Renu Advanced Intensive Redox Serum

Today I would like to talk with you about beauty. During my stay at Hotel La Bobadilla in Andalusia, I tested the Renu Advanced Intensive Redox serum by Asea. This is a highly concentrated anti-aging skin care product. For more details, please click here.

Since I have already tested Asea products in the past, I know that there are no empty promises behind them. Also this time Asea convinced me positively, although I applied the serum only ten days in the morning and in the evening on the cleaned skin. The application runs in this case so that I apply a small amount to the places where a concentrated effect is desired… This is in my case around the eyes, mouth and on the forehead. My skin has changed positively in the last days… it looks much smoother and it feels so good. My impression is that small wrinkles look less deep.

Especially during my stay in hot Andalusia the Renu Advanced Intensive Redox Serum treated my face skin well and I’m glad to have had it with it. Convince yourself and find more Asea products here. xoxo



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  1. Ina
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:11

    Toller Blogpost. Es hat mich auf die Produkte neugierig gemacht 😉

  2. Ina
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:12

    Such beautiful pics babe! Love this

  3. Olga
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:12

    I love your blog babe!

  4. Lisa
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:13

    Gorgeous pics babe! Have to check the products out! You look amazing!

  5. Beate
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:15

    Ich habe den Blogpost durch Zufall entdeckt. Die Marke ist mir seit Jahren bekannt und ich kann bestätigen, dass die tolle Produkte haben. Meine Tochter nutzt sie auch! LG

  6. Georgia
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:16

    Danke meine süße! Unbedingt testen! Es lohnt sich! LG

  7. Georgia
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:16

    Thx babe;)

  8. Georgia
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:16

    Thank you sweetie!

  9. Georgia
    4. Juni 2017 / 7:17

    Danke liebe Beate. Das höre ich gerne! LG

  10. Georgia
    6. Juni 2017 / 6:24

    Thx babe!

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