• Rack & Buddy Clothes Rack

    Rack & Buddy Clothes Rack

    Rack & Buddy Clothes Rack

    Sometimes changes are necessary in life. I am not that kind of person who needs a lot of action all the time, but in therms of interior I really love changes from time to time. It can be through new furniture or a redesign of a room. 

    Through my job I frequentely get a lot of clothes for fashion shoots from several fashion brands. It is important for me to have all pieces at one place, so I can put my looks together much better and more effective. I’ve been looking for a stylish and modern clothes rack with a simple and classic design for a long time and never found anything suitable.

    Now the search is done! I finally found the perfect clothes rack! It’s from Rack & Buddy. I love its cool design. It is so practical, mobile and so easy to put togehter. This model’s name is Ringo and it is 1.80 meters wide. The Rack & Buddy online shop offers a wide selection in all shapes, sizes and colors. Check it out! Please find more interior inspiration here. xoxo Georgina

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