Pimp my Closet

Hey babes! I love to spend time at home. If I do not have photoshootings or meetings, you can usually find me in my office or closet, where the magic happens! To feel inspired for my work I really need a space where I like to be.  Even when all my furniture is in place and every surface styled,  I have the feeling that my closet still looks visually empty.

Some days ago my ordered acrylic poster arrived. Isn´t it beautiful? Can you see the similarity to me in the opening picture? I found it at Posterlounge. It is an online shop with a wide range of posters, art prints and wall pictures in every wished size and material.

I love how my closet looks like now! 100{542fc98f9942062397264bdb1e9ffb29c8af227025b9aa9747dc73827cb48cbb} Styling goals! What do you think?

Have an amazing day babes! xoxo Georgia

8 Kommentare zu “Pimp my Closet

  1. Obsessed with this blogpost! Love the poster! It looks like you!

  2. Tolle Bilder! Dein Closet ist ein Traum!

  3. Danke für die Inspiration! Suche ein Bild für mein Schlafzimmer und weiß jetzt wo ich es bestellen kann! LG

  4. OMG love these precious pics! Happy to have discovered this blog!

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