Peek & Cloppenburg – Alstertal Einkaufszentrum

Peek & Cloppenburg – Alstertal Einkaufszentrum

Hello my loves! The month of May is incomparably beautiful. The nature comes back to life, everywhere you can hear birdsong and the gardens experience a color explosion. No wonder that everybody wants to get married at this time. This year I am invited to a noble wedding with all the trimmings… registry office, church and wedding party. The first question that arises is: What should I wear? And most importantly, how I dress classy for a wedding on if a low-budget.

At today’s photoshoot I have two different dresses on. Both Marie Lund dresses are perfect for a wedding, are high-quality and affordable. I’ve found them at the Peek & Cloppenburg store in the Alstertal Shopping Center. Depending on the weather and occasion, you select the right dress. The long dress looks fine, festive and is just right for an upscale wedding. Simply fantastic, but also specifically. In contrast, the knee-length dress is always a good decision and not just for weddings. Personally, I have a very clear favorite… Can you guess? As a blogger, I am convinced that a look is only perfect if a good mix between high and affordable fashion is given. What do you think? How do you find these dresses? Would you put them on?

Actually this photo shoot should take place outside in front of a beautiful house in Hamburg, but unfortunately the crazy April weather has simply made it impossible. Hopefully may brings us better weather. I wish you a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

I wish you a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Dresses & Clutches: Marie Lund by Peek & Cloppenburg. Shoes: Mango. Jewelry: Oro Vivo.

4 Kommentare

  1. Carolin
    29. April 2016 / 11:55

    Wunderschöne Fotos… ich liebe diese Kleider! Danke! Jetzt habe ich das perfekte Kleid für die Hochzeit meiner besten Freundin! LG Caro

  2. Anemarie
    29. April 2016 / 11:56

    I love both dresses, but i think i would choose the long one! Happy Day! Anemarie

  3. Georgia
    29. April 2016 / 12:29

    Danke Caro 😉 happy weekend!

  4. Georgia
    29. April 2016 / 12:29

    Thank you Ane 😉 happy Friday!

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