Wellendorff Christmas Essentials

Wellendorff Christmas Essentials

I was very excited about this date at the jeweler Beyer at the Banhofstrasse in Zurich. I was invited to have a look at the new jewelry of Wellendorff. High-quality jewelery inspires me always and is just now a popular Christmas gift. I immediately picked out my favorite from the Wellendorff collection to show you here. This necklace … the bracelet Perlglück in yellow gold with 23 pearls and a diamond (0:02 CT) and these rings from the collection of True Happiness with bicolor enamel and yellow gold. They can be combined with each other. Absolute addictive! Love it! 😉 With the bracelet and rings I have prepared a small photo shoot for you. A big thanks to jeweler Beyer and Wellendorff for this special moment. xoxo Georgia

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