Foxs Dress at La Mamounia Marrakech

Foxs Dress at La Mamounia Marrakech

After four days in Marrakech we are finally back home. It was my third trip to Marrakech and a new experience at the same time, cause the weather was really bad. In other words, it was windy, cold and rainy all the time. Anyhow we made the best of it and produced some good stuff for you. I hope we succeeded!

Here are my first photos coming from La Mamounia Marrakech. Our favorite place in town.

I am wearing here my new dress from Foxs Mode. I love these beautiful colors. So funny, cause we found a location with the same colors of this look. My jacket is the Sofia Slim GARCIA X RADYGO Denim Jacket from wearegarciaThe special thing about this denim jacket is that it has a smart bag that protects the body from the radiation of a smartphone.

My newest sneakers addition is from Woden. I wore them throughout my stay in Marrakech. They are so light and comfortable. I couldn’t be happier about this decision. Stay tuned, cause two more photo shoots from Marrakech are coming online the next days. xoxo Georgina Moreno


Pictures Sasha M., editing and post production Georgina Moreno.

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