Embracing my sporty side here from head to toe with my newest addition from Fabletics. Sport has always been part of my life. Since childhood I have learned that movement is self-evident. Of course, there were some phases in my life where I was less athletic, but I did not do well. Since many years I do sport five days a week and that’s the only way I feel good. What motivates me to do sports? Sports is aesthetically pleasing. It is a venue for emotional expression and an escape from real life troubles too. Since we have more space in our new house, I was able to set up my own gym. So there is no excuse for not doing sports anymore.

Beautiful und functional sports clothing is also very important to me, because it gives me a better feeling for my body and shows me why it is worthwhile to be diligent. I am obsessed with my new Fabletics look. It is so stylish and feel so soft on my skin. Find this look and many more in the Fabletics online shop. They offer there a wide selection of sportswear for absolutely affordable prices. It is worth it! Check more sportswear outfits here. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Pictures, Editing & post production Georgina Moreno


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