My Interview with Surfer and Fashion Designer Fred D’orey

My Interview with Surfer and Fashion Designer Fred D’orey

I am very proud about this interview with Fred D’Orey. He is so cool and he lives that kind of life i wanna have one day. He is a passionate and very successful surfer and designer. His label, Totem Praia is the perfect translation of happiness, looseness, charm and femininity into the fashion world. I love his dresses and have many of them in my closet… and I can’t stop loving this fashion brand 😉 Thank you Fred for this chance to know you better. xoxo Georgia

1. You are brazilian. Does it influence your designs?

The beach is where everything happens in Brazil. I look what’s going on in the world of fashion and adapt it to our reality, wich is way more laid back and with less roles to fill. Well, havaianas is from around the corner, and people now has been getting married in it. it says a lot about Rio, Brazil and Totem. Totem is contemporary tropical lounge wear, inspired and designed here.

2. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Traveling and music. I’ve made whole collections inspired in musical/cultural movements. swinging London, Tropicalia etc.

3. How would you describe the ‘Totem Woman”? 
She is well travelled, read, loves dancing bare-feet and she is first of all self-assured, she is incredibly stylish and love the beach, islands and resorts that very few people has heard of… she loves the sunset.

4. Totem’s DNA is the strong print and colorful looks. Why?

Colors show the people, that you are feeling great. They reflect happiness.

5. Do you have a favorite piece?

Yes, i love the dresses.

6. What is next for Totem?

Invest more in the international market.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Ð 23/05/2012 – Desfile de Totem durante o Fashion Rio – Verao 2013. Foto : Ze Takahashi / Agncia Fotosite