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Little Greene Wallpaper

by Georgina

Hey loves! Currently we have not really finished the move, but today I would like to show you our new wallpaper from Little Greene. It is crazy how a wallpaper can change the look of a space instantly and dramatically. It’s the perfect tool, if you wish a fast and easy makeover. Our bedroom feels more inviting and comfortable than before. Somehow it feels warmer.

When I had to choose a wall for the new wallpaper, I decided myself for the one in front of our bed. So we can enjoy this beautiful and relaxing ambiance every morning from our bed. But you can also focus on the wall behind the bed. Important is to choose a wallpaper with soothing images for the bedroom. The same applies to the colors. They shouldn’t be strong. Here less is more. My wallpaper is the norcombe couture and it comes from the Apsley Collection’ by John Line & Sons. It is available in three different colors.

I couldn’t be happier about my new Little Greene wallpaper. The high quality is visible! It feels so good to go over it with my hands!

Litte Green has a brand new collection. Please view their huge selection here. How do you like my new wallpaper? Are you thinking about buying one in the future? Check my other interior post here for more inspiration. And if you can’t get enough of Little Greene like me just stay tuned. Another Little Greene wallpaper blogpost is coming soon! Lots of love! xoxo Georgia

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Sofa: Marie’s Corner

Morrocan Lamp: Globus Zürich

Sofa Pillows: Westwing

Bed Decoration: Zara Home



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Nina 12. März 2018 - 7:52

Tolle Bilder meine süße! Ich liebe deine interior posts! Überlege
seit Monaten so etwas bei mir in der Wohnung auch zu machen!
Dein Blogpost kommt genau zur richtigen Zeit!

Georgia 12. März 2018 - 7:55

Ach das höre ich gerne meine süße! Danke!

Aline 12. März 2018 - 7:53

Early birds are the best! Found you on google while looking for a new wallpaper!
Thank you for the inspiration!

Georgia 12. März 2018 - 7:55

Oh gorgeous! Thank you sweetie!

Corinne 12. März 2018 - 7:54

Mega Bilder mal wieder meine süsse!

Georgia 12. März 2018 - 7:55

Danke vielmals liebe Corinne!


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