Late Summer Look

Late Summer Look

Hey loves. I hope you are in a good mood and healthy. The last few weeks have been very exciting for me. Many new pieces have arrived … those sunglasses, the hat and this top. And as it is, I quickly put everything on and did a little photo shoot for you. I love casual styles with a touch of boho and rocker chic. The perfect look for late summer. And it looks like we will have some nice sunny days with pleasant temperatures until autumn arrives. I find this time of year particularly exciting because of the special light and colors of nature. Long walks with your loved one are particularly beautiful now. I wish you all a wonderful time. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Shop the look:

Hat: Mansso Collection

Top: NÜ Denmark.

Sunnies: Sunday Somewhere


Bag: Chanel

Necklace: Juwelenkind


Collab. with Manssocollection, Juwelenkind, Sunday Somewhere.

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