Iracema Scharf Swimsuit

Hey loves and happy day! It is time for one more photoshoot from the Maldives! Our stay at Velaa Privat Island was a very special time for me. We had five amazing days beyond reality. Our beach villa was very spacious and full of luxurious extras. You could take a shower indoor and outdoor too. One time in front of the beach and one time behind the villa in a kind of private wellness area with a bathtub and a day bed with a lot of privacy.

This photoshoot for Iracema Scharf took place there. In some of the pictures you will see me dancing to the gorgeous music you can hear the hole day everywhere at the island. The best music on earth! I swear!

How do you like this golden swimsuit? Im totally obsessed with it! It feels so soft on the skin. It is so elegant. Just the perfect catch for every woman.

The weather in the north of Germany is great at the moment. I am having the chance to wear this swimsuit almost every day at the moment. How about you? Are you a bikini or a swimsuit girl? Please check my other photoshoot for Iracema Scharf here. Lots of love! xoxo Georgina

8 Kommentare zu “Iracema Scharf Swimsuit

  1. OMG this swimsuit is a dream! Must have! Looking gorgeous girl! Congrats!

  2. This blogpost is just fabulous!

  3. Tolle Figur liebe Georgia! Die Bilder machen richtig Lust auf Sommer! Urlaub Feeling 100{542fc98f9942062397264bdb1e9ffb29c8af227025b9aa9747dc73827cb48cbb}!

  4. Corinne

    Mega Bilder und super schöne Figur hast du meine süsse!

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