ipuro Room Fragrance

ipuro Room Fragrance

ipuro Room Fragrance

The scent of your home is the first thing someone notices upon walking in. Our sense of smell is fascinating and strong. For this reason the perfect fragrance can change your mood, relax your mind, make you feel good. Furthermore a good scent also has the power to make a house feel like your home.

Lately I’ve been so much in to room fragrances. Therefore this post is dedicated in sharing with you an amazing brand I recently discovered, ipuro.

I am a big fan of good scents, so these two from the ipuro season line got me from the first time I smelt them. ipuro warm glamour and white grace. It’s just impossible for me to decide which one is my favorite. In other words both scents are just perfect for the cold season. Their smell is a perfect top notes mixture of orange, almond, red fruits and other great scents. In conclusion both room fragrances smell absolutely warming, relaxing and calming.

Especially during the winter season I really love to enjoy my home, drink hot tea and wear cozy looks. The perfect room fragrance is my personal must have for a cozy atmosphere. Please check the ipuro website for more information and discover their amazing room fragrances. I’m sure you will find there an amazing Christmas gift for you or for giving away. xoxo Georgina Moreno

Pictures, post production and editing Georgina Moreno


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