Iatitai Beauty

Iatitai Beauty

Hey loves! It´s time for some beauty talk. The days are getting warmer, so we should let the winter skin behind us and make it ready for the sunny time of the year. Today I would like to present you my latest beauty discovery. It is IATITAI. A beauty brand from Thailand that works with herbal cosmetics & spa products.  The recipes of every IATITAI product are handmade and focus on the „whole“. Everything plays a role in harmonizing the physical state of the body with beauty. Each product contains nature ingredients coming from local village communities and are chemical-free. It sounds really good, right?

Recently I started using some of these products here. My first and very positive impression is the smell. It feels like tropical summer, so fresh and natural.

The most of their products have ingredients I really love like ginger, lemongrass, cucumber, jasmine rice, honey, avocado…. Its really difficult to say witch product is my favorite one. The eye serum with herbal estrogens is maybe at the top of my list. I love its freshness, calming and soothing effect around my eyes. The body lotion comes second, because it absorbs quickly and gives my skin a beautiful smooth effect. 

Please check the Flaconi Online-Shop to shop further products from Iataia. I wish you a wonderful day babes! Lots of love! xoxo Georgia

6 Kommentare

  1. Nina
    3. April 2018 / 8:23

    Die Marke kannte ich noch nicht! Muss ich sofort ausprobieren! Hört sich gut an was du darüber sagst.

  2. Emma
    3. April 2018 / 8:25

    Tolle Bilder meine süße! Die Produkte sind total schön!
    Ich muss diese Marke kennengelernen. Wohne zwar nicht in Deutschland…aber meine Familie
    kann die Sachen für mich kaufen. Toller Blog übrigens 😉

  3. Olga
    3. April 2018 / 8:26

    Amazing pics babe!you are so beautiful!!

  4. Georgia
    3. April 2018 / 8:26

    Thank you sweetie

  5. Georgia
    3. April 2018 / 8:26

    Danke meine süße! Das höre ich gerne!

  6. Georgia
    3. April 2018 / 8:26

    Danke Babe! Viel Spaß damit!

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