How to pimp your home in 5 Steps

How to pimp your home in 5 Steps

There are many ways to pimp your home without spending all your money… in other words you just need the right tips to give every room a new life quickly. Here are some advices for you from me with love…

  1. Carpets: They keep your feet warm and give a room a cozy atmosphere.

2. Lightning: The perfect lamp can change your room completely. It is the most important step for having a perfect decoration.

3. Statement Mirrors: they make your room looks bigger and are always an eye catcher.

4. Statement Furniture: They are very important for your room, because they keep the attention away from the not so beautiful corners. But don’t forget… the motto is here less is more. 

5. Wallpaper: There is no faster way to change a room into a place to be.

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