How to look fresh overnight

How to look fresh overnight

So my loves. In winter it is often a challenge to look fresh and cheerful. The facial skin has to deal with many factors, such as cold, wind, heating air, no sun… what makes us look tired quickly.
Today I have a tip for you, how to get better skin and generally feel better and fit.
As you have already learned from previous blog posts, I currently have a favorite series when it comes to facial serum. The Elixseri Products. This Beauty brand from Switzerland is perfect for a demanding skin like mine. Sensitive and tending to impurities. I use all Elixseri serums at the moment… I decide witch one depending on what my skin needs. The serum of Elixseri offers many kind of treatments.

When I need to take more intensive care for my skin after a long trip or stressful days I have a special ritual. Sauna. Before I go in, I take a shower, do a facial peeling and put on one of the serums of Elixseri… like Skin Meditation for example. After Sauna I cleanse the face again and put the Rescue Diver serum for the night on… The next day I wake up with a fresh and  soft skin like I rarely have. On the top I feel good, cause Sauna is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and soul. You should really try this… that works wonders! xoxo Georgina Moreno


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