How to find the perfect Jeans

How to find the perfect Jeans

I love to all kind of denim, but my favorite are the jeans pants. I thing you can see me wearing a jeans in almost 95% of my looks, right? It is such an allrounder long lasting piece and so easy to combine. A jeans is something I really can’t live without. Finding the right jeans is sometimes a science. You have to know the perfect color, shape and size for your body shape. Personally, I prefer wearing low rise jeans because they are the best for my shape. To shop the perfect jeans is often very difficult and frustrating. Here are my tips to make the search easier.

1. Curvy women wear best low rise jeans with straight-cut legs. The coloring should be rather dark. That makes you slim and flatters the figure.

2. High-rise jeans are best worn by slim-skinned women, as this cut emphasizes the hips and legs.

3. To gets long legs buy a overlong pair of jeans with flared legs… combine it with high heels and ready.

4. Cropped jeans are best for tall women, as they visually shorten the legs.

5. Don’t by extremely crazy jeans like to strong used look or too oversized… Less is more. Invest the money rather in a classic jeans from a well-known jeans brand.

It lasts longer and you can wear it regardless of trends.

I hope I could inspire you a little bit and answer your question about how to find the perfect jeans. I wish you a wonderful shopping day and who knows… maybe you’ll find the perfect jeans today! xoxo Georgina Moreno

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