Maxi-Dress in Morcote

Maxi-Dress in Morcote

There are few places in this world where I feel really comfortable, where the world is still peaceful. Morcote in Switzerland is such a place. I am unceasingly impressed by the beauty of nature and by the exceptional topography of this place. Somehow it is hard for me to say goodbye to the summer. Do you know this feeling, too? That is why this Blogpost is about today. Maxi dresses are for me the symbol of summer and femininity.

When I wear a maxi-dress, it means in my subconscious mind … Life is good!

Yes, I know the summer is over. That is a fact! In Hamburg, I am currently not greeted by warm sunbeams but by the icy wind. Nevertheless, as long as the snow is not there yet (at least on the fashionable level) I still feel a touch of summer and continue wearing my maxi dress. The solution is: sweater over the dress or under. Currently it is trendy to combine the summer dress with a sweater under it. Here, however, I opted for the reverse variant. Why?

Quite honestly, sweater under the dress can look quite stupid.

How do you find this look? Would you wear it like that? Or are you more for the other variant? I do not think you have to go with all the trends. It is important to feel when a trend is not really cool or fits one. The Gucci leather slipper with lambskin is a good example of this. Almost every blogger has it in several colors and variations. You have the feeling that they can not afford any other shoes and have to wear them even in the rain and cold. This is reality and exaggeration, I think. That does not have to be, right? What do you think?

What i did in Morcote?

Not far from Morcote there is a fashion outlet called Foxtown, where I go two or three times a year. The selection is huge and very up to date. All major brands are on site: Gucci, Prada, Etro, Dior, Saint Laurent … I like this! In most outlets you get very quickly the impression that only unsalable merchandise hangs there. That there is only clothing sold to people with „zero-conception“ of fashion. That there are only bargain hunters on the road. In this outlet it is not the case. This is my must-be for you today. I’m looking forward to your comments and say goodbye for now! xoxo Georgia

What i am wearing:

Pullover: H&M or similar

Dress: Totem Praia or similar

Sunnies: Celine

Bag: Louis Vuitton

5O2C01845O2C0169 5O2C0209  5O2C0189 5O2C01385O2C0201 5O2C0229 5O2C0164 5O2C0232 5O2C02025O2C0094

Shop the Look:


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