Travel Diary: Budersand Hotel Sylt

Travel Diary: Budersand Hotel Sylt

The Budersand Hotel has been since years one of the top places on my list of „Must be once in a lifetime“. Whenever I am there, I am fine. Already the meditative ride with the Autozug to the North Sea island is symbolic for me and I leave not only the mainland, but all worries and stress behind me.

The Hotel is located in Hörnum, in the southern part of Sylt and was built directly by the sea. The hotel is a pleasure for architecture enthusiasts and offers a modern, clear and luxurious design from the outside as well as from the inside, which perfectly harmonizes with the landscape of Sylt.
The rooms of the Budersand Hotel are modern, luxurious and very comfortable. The view is extensive and you can either look at the sea or the golf course, where is played year-round.

A stay at this hotel is for me totally weather-independent and means totally relaxation.

Long beach walks are always on the program when I am on the spot. Then it goes to the spa area directly into the sauna or steam bath. I also treat myself of course with a good massage and sometimes spend several hours there.

The quiet room with a view of the sea invites you the more to relax.

Another highlight of the day is for me the breakfast. It is always on point… sorry if I have used this word „always“ more than once. But it is true. Fresh and delicious fruits, Germany’s best coffee, crisp bread rolls and breakfast with sea view. You can even watch the fish cutter on the way out.

You do not always have to travel far to find idyllic beauty. It is outside the door. The Budensand Hotel is for me a real alternative and the perfect year-round destination.


Aussicht aus dem Frühstücksraum.


Frühstück im Budersand.

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