I’ve been wrestling with me for a long time, but I just can not stand it anymore. I must free myself from this mystery and reveal it to the world. There is something in my life that makes me totally addicted, which I can not live without a day. It’s always there whether I want or not and I can not stop wanting to have more of it. Ok, I say it now … it is the jeans;)

As a fan of sporty yet stylish looks, a life without jeans does not really matter to me.

There is hardly a piece of clothing that is so versatile that it is so durable, that it is so everyday and at the same time high fashion, that it is so practical and yet fashionable. An all-rounder, which I have several times and in different colors and forms. And I think I’m not alone.

This gray Silver jeans is brand new and I can hardly leave my hands of it at the moment. The silver jeans looks so good and feels incredibly comfy on the skin… as if I am nacked.

I always catch myself stroking my legs. This is done automatically when you wear these jeans.

Another point that I really like about this jeans is that it can be combined wonderfully. Its wash and shape makes a good figure with a sporty or even elegant look. So it was perfect for my stay at the resort Weissenhaus on the east coast, where this photo shoot took place.

Here you can discover more silver jeans. The selection is huge! But if you ever had a Silver Jeans you always want to have more and more of it. Addiction factor 100{542fc98f9942062397264bdb1e9ffb29c8af227025b9aa9747dc73827cb48cbb}! And do not say I did not warn you. 😉 Xoxo
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silverjeans3-min silverjeans2-min

4 Kommentare

  1. Arsal
    13. Dezember 2016 / 7:21

    So beautiful shooting!!! I love this basic outfit 🙂

  2. 13. Dezember 2016 / 20:04

  3. Georgia
    13. Dezember 2016 / 20:17

    Thank you sweetie ❤️️

  4. Acton
    1. Februar 2017 / 8:37

    Really nice 🙂 Amazing total look
    I love so much this your looking 🙂

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