Everyone finds his own style in the course of his life. Trends should rather underscore and never change it. The trendy part of this look is the sweater with the flounced sleeves, but it is exactly matching with my sporty elegant style. The same is true when it comes to choosing the perfect look for a particular event or location. For my stay at The Chedi Andermatt I spent a lot of time in the Closet, in search of the perfect mixture.

Choosing clothes for a trip is almost like a ritual for me and usually runs off so that I cook a delicious tea, connect the iPod to a small portable loudspeaker and stay in my closet for hours… choosing clothes, dancing and making so embarrassing selfies, that I delete them immediately afterwards.

Fashion is almost like a game for me and often puts me in a childlike mood.

I love to combine things. Colors, shapes, accessories and fabrics looks like colorful legos for me, which must be connected to each other. Addiction potential

When I packed my suitcase for the stay at the Chedi Andermatt hotel, it was simply to finde the right bag. When I am traveling, I usually take a bag that is practical, spacious, resistant, easy to combine and fashionable. The pink Urban Legend from the Swiss label De Marquet brings all this with it and does not take much space away in the suitcase.

First Choice, best Choice!

For a long time I was looking for such a pink bag that is elegant and sporty with a touch of luxury. The soft leather in combination with the handle of bamboo is just perfect and makes the good piece an eyecatcher. De Marquet is my current “Label to Watch”. Have a look at the website! You will certainly discover more must-haves there! xoxo

demarquet11 demarquet10 demarquet9 demarquet8 demarquet7 demarquet6 demarquet5 demarquet4

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