AGL Metallic Boots

AGL Metallic Boots

The fashion world is constantly reinventing itself. Trends come and disappear just as quickly. Now you can complain and say that this whole thing makes nonsense. Nevertheless, trends, whether we like it or not, are part of the game. We must recognize that trends not only play a major role in the fashion world. They are part of life. Our behavior, politics, lifestyle of a country, even our language is influenced by trends.

Personally, I love timeless clothing. Everyone should find his own style. However, it is equally important to move with the time, otherwise you go with the time. The perfect look for me is when a good balance is created between timeless and trendy, inexpensive and luxurious. Why? Because a look can just so be unique.

Today is all about the metallic trend. Currently, metallic shades are very popular and dominate the world of fashion from head to toe. I am very happy, because metallic Pieces enhance any outfit in an instant. Especially during the dark season they bring a little light into life. Long before the metallic trend came, I was already a fan of shiny It-Pieces. For years, I have a silver biker jacket from Mango and will certainly not separate me from it as fast. So dear girls, sometimes it makes sense to leave special and trendy clothes longer in the closet at the end of a season.

These AGL Metallic Boots are currently my must-have. They are not only very elegant, but also comfortable. These boots do not appear too shiny and look very special, thanks the scaly leather surface. Metallic shoes should not be too cheap, do not have to smooth and glossy surface. This can be visually clunky. Often in fashion as in life the motto is … less is more. Fewer shopping but correctly. xoxo


What i am wearing:

Coat: Zara

Pullover: zara

Jeans: H&M

Bag: Chloe

Belt: Gucci

Boots: AGL

agl-boots-2016 herstyleboard-hamburg herstyleboard-agl agl-boots-fw-2016-silveragl-shoes agl-boots


2 Kommentare

  1. Anonymous
    13. November 2016 / 12:44

    Das ist ja auch meine Rede, dass man besondere Teile aufbewahren sollte.
    LG Reni

  2. Georgia
    13. November 2016 / 16:04

    Danke beautiful Reni! Happy evening

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