I would like to apologize to all the sun worshipers, but I love the cold season. The winter has a whole special aura that can be felt even more intensely, when you visit a fabulous destination like the Chedi Andermatt Hotel in the Swiss mountains. There are wonderful things that are fun only in winter. The sauna visit, the hot chocolate, a wellness day, chess with friends …

Coldness has never been a problem for me, although I am a native Brazilian. But without the appropriate body care I could not spend a winter.


What I particularly value is a good lip care, because smooth lips play the main role when it comes to the first impression. This was the first thing I thought when I packed my stuff for the Chedi Andermatt. EOS Lip Balm is available in different flavors. From Strawberry Sorbet to Coconut Milk, everything is there. Accordingly my suitcase smelled 😉

I do not know how you find this, but I love these colorful good-mood balls.


They protect my lips optimally against cold, thanks to shea butter, natural oils and vitamins C & E and do not contain any mineral oils. They are also gluten-free and they fit wonderfully into the smallest pocket. That is why I always had them with me during my stay at Chedi Andermatt. Whether it is a spa, a restaurant, a chess game or a long walk through the Swiss mountains. xoxo

eos eos1 eos3 eos4

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