It is said that these are the little things of life that really make you happy. For my part, I can confirm that, because there are things in everyday life, which always give me pleasure again and again. The hot tea in between, the bird song in the distance, the nice phone call with the girlfriend, a delicious meal or the hot shower at the end of a long working day.

Speaking of hot shower … It would not be nearly as good and soothing without the proper beauty ritual after that.

I have many rituals before going to bed. One of them is an extensive facial care, which I prefer to make with the Kaktusfeige Royal Night serum face oil of Bepure. I use it directly after showering on the cleansed, still slightly wet skin in the face and cleavage and massage it gently. I love the fresh and not intrusive scent. It is so relaxing and soothing to me. Another point I find particularly good is that the facial oil is absorbed very quickly and leaves no shining skin behind. The head pillow therefore remains fresh and dry and there is nothing to prevent a restful night.

Argan and prickly pears nurture the skin and regenerate it overnight.

In the morning it feels softer and smoother. The perfect anti-aging program! Women with impure, sensitive or allergic skin can often not use anti-aging creams or oils because they are too rich and can cause a problem to the skin. Bepure facial oil can be used without care. It works against impure skin, thanks to natural vitamin E and antioxidants, is antibacterial and cell-stimulating.

Bepure is a Swiss beauty brand, which manufactures only and exclusively Fairtrade Naturkosmetik, natural, vegan. Here you can be sure that only the best quality comes to the skin. Win Win situation for the skin! xoxo

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