Guerlain Essentials in Marrakech

Guerlain Essentials in Marrakech

Travel has been part of my life for several years. Although I’ve seen a lot, there are places for me that are still surrounded by a myth. Marrakech was such a place until recently. The same applies to the La Mamounia Palace Hotel, which is much nicer and more special than in the photos.

Today, it is not just about traveling, but also about the associated beauty essentials, like a fragrance. For Marrakech, I had the new Mon Guerlain perfume, with fragrances like the Arabian jasmine from India, the carla lavender from Provence, the album sandalwood from Australia and the Tahitensis vanilla from Papua New Guinea, it was a wonderful addition to this sensual experience.

To avoid pale skin when traveling, the Guerlain Terracotta Beauty line belongs to my must-haves.

In the photos you can see the following products: The Flawless Legs Smothing & Perfecting Lotion for beautiful sun-kissed legs. The Bronzing Contouring Palette Light and Shadow and the Shimmer Effect Bronzing Powder Natural and Long-Lasting Tan for the face. This makeup looks very natural and is a great addition to the daily makeup ritual. xoxo


8 Kommentare

  1. Martha
    14. April 2017 / 5:15

    I love these products! Thank you for the wonderful pictures babe!

  2. Alex
    14. April 2017 / 5:16

    Amazing blogpost! Congrats!!!

  3. Nina
    14. April 2017 / 5:17

    Super schöne Bilder! Ich kenne diese Produkte und mag sie auch! Schöne Ostern Georgia!

  4. Jessica
    14. April 2017 / 5:18

    You look fabulous! Love the dress and Sunglasses! Could you tell me where to buy?

  5. Georgia
    14. April 2017 / 5:19

    Thank you so much Martha! Happy Eastern!

  6. Georgia
    14. April 2017 / 5:20

    Danke liebe Nina! Hab einen wunderschönen Tag! LG

  7. Georgia
    14. April 2017 / 11:53

    Thank you so much honey! The dress is from Totem Praia and the Sunglasses from Céline Paris. Happy Day!

  8. Georgia
    14. April 2017 / 11:53

    Thx babe! All the best!

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