Dubai Trip

Dubai Trip

Hello my loves! This year I have been traveling for work a lot and i miss it sometimes to make really vacation. You know certainly the feeling when the body cries out for leisure… and so I feel now. Well …. let’s see when I’ll come to that.

Today I want to present you a destination that has surprised me very positively. Dubai. Before I went there, I had no idea what to expect. This city is absolutely amazing and has much to offer. Wonderful hotels, the tallest building in the world, the largest mall in the world (where I was, of course, several times), clean beaches, perfect weather, great gold markets, fine restaurants …. and no matter where you go, it’s safe and the people are friendly and unobtrusive.

I have experienced a lot in Dubai, but the trip to the dunes (followed by a dinner) was my favorite one. We had been on the road all day in the dunes with an SUV. The sunset was amazing (s. Photo). The dinner took place in the middle of the desert and the atmosphere was very special. Then there was a live dance show with a belly dancer.

I hope I can visit again soon Dubai. Thank you for stopping by! I wish you a wonderful day!


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