Diamonds are girls best friend

Diamonds are girls best friend

I am very proud about this collaboration with the 120 year old German Jewelry Manufacturers Wellendorff. With such high quality jewelry to shoot was a very exciting and special experience for me. A small dream came true. Some time ago I wrote here at Blogvictims about Wellendorff. Since this post I have to admit that this jewelry brand didn’t got out of my head anymore. My enthusiasm and fascination for it has tended to increase. High-quality jewelry is something unique. To wear it is something precious for each person. I come from the fast-paced world of fashion, where trends come and go. But High-quality jewelry can be something for eternity. It is independent of time. Once bought it is passed down from generation to generation and never loses its importance. This world of jewelry manufacturers and their passion for the work that is associated with it, is fascinating.

I was at jeweler Beyer in Zurich to choose the jewelry for this photoshoot. I felt in love instantly with these three creations i am wearing. My favorite one is the Wellendorff cord from 18-karat gold. It is so delicate, elegant and feels very soft and gentle on the skin. Just as the 18 kt. yellow gold with diamonds ring. I must admit that the fact that it is rotatable in itself makes addicted. 😉 Xoxo Gea

Blouse: Zara (similar by Shopbop). Jeans: 7forallmankind (similar by Shopbop). Shoes: Christian Louboutin (similar here). Bag: Chanel. Sunglasses: Ray Ban. Belt: Reptiles House. Nail-Polish: La Roche-Posay.

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