• Cozy times with Poivre Blanc

    Cozy times with Poivre Blanc

    Hey loves! If there is something that really makes me happy, it is my home. I love to be at home and enjoy quality time with the person I love. Especially during the winter are cozy times one of my favorites things to do. Today I would like to show you my newest delivery from Poivre Blanc. This cozy look feel so warm and soft on the skin… and I love the color too. Nothing better to be cozy in style, right? I can already see myself living in this look the hole winter. Have a wonderful day babes! xoxo Georgina Moreno


    4 Kommentare

      • Georgina
        11. November 2019 / 14:48

        Thank you my dear ❤️

    1. 11. November 2019 / 15:29

      Das sieht ja wirklich sehr gemütlich aus. Ich laufe zu Hause auch gerne so rum.
      Hab‘ eine schöne Woche!
      LG Reni

      • Georgina
        11. November 2019 / 15:32

        Danke meine süße! Ja, ich habe es gerne gemütlich! Happy day babe ❤️

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