Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Not living my comfort zone today with this off-duty camel sweater, my all-time-favorite jeans and my newest obsession, these Floris van Bommel studded ankle boots. The kind of shoes you can wear the hole weekend. Although the sun is shining and the temperatures are not so cold, I think that it is always sweater weather. In a way Fall & Winter are my favorite seasons.

Have you ever had an item, shoes, clothing or accessory that you want to wear everyday but are so scared you will wear it out? These boots are that item for me, cause they got with everything and are very comfortable. They are the perfect in-between style of being stylish without being too trendy. Current obsession level: very high. xoxo Georgina Moreno

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Pullover: Pull and the Bear

Jeans: Silver

Bag: Louis Vuitton


Pictures: Sasha M. Editing and post production Georgina Moreno


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