Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Happy December babes! It’s officially time to decorate your home for Christmas. I’m already done with it. How about you guys? I’m a big fan of simplicity with a touch of glamour in interior questions, so it doesn’t take to long to transform my home into a small Christmas wonderland. I don’t bring out a lot of decorations, because in my opinion less is more.

Here I’m showing you how to decorate small spaces. It doesn’t take to much effort to make any corner of your home more special for Christmas. And it doesn’t matter, if you don’t have a lot of space, you just have to have imagination. A door or a windowsill offer enough possibilities… and if you don’t like these ideas, you can use a hanging basket and fill it with small Christmas balls, lights etc…  Where there is a will, there’s a way!

In therms of interior colors, I love to combine white with metallic tones. When it comes to Christmas decoration, I follow this rule as well.

For an elegant Christmas decoration it’s important to find a motto, a key area of your home (or many areas) and a main color for the hole thing. My motto this year is the color white, the nature and magical places… How do you like this? Have a look into my shopping tips under for more inspiration and make sure to check here my blogpost about Christmas table decoration. Lots of love! xoxo Georgia


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8 Kommentare

  1. Olga
    4. Dezember 2017 / 13:58

    Gorgeous decoration post Georgia! Amazing pics!!!

  2. Ivana
    4. Dezember 2017 / 13:59

    Wonderful pics! Such an inspiring blogpost and blog! Congrats!

  3. Nina
    4. Dezember 2017 / 14:01

    Tolle Idee mit der Weihnachtsdekoration für kleine Räume. Das werde ich in meiner kleinen aber feinen Wohnung sofort umsetzen! LG

  4. Georgia
    4. Dezember 2017 / 14:02

    Thank you babe

  5. Georgia
    4. Dezember 2017 / 14:02

    Oh wow! Thank you sweetie

  6. Georgia
    4. Dezember 2017 / 14:02

    Danke meine süsse! Hab viel Spaß beim Shoppen!

  7. Maik
    4. Dezember 2017 / 14:59

    well done – looks amazing

  8. Georgia
    4. Dezember 2017 / 15:22

    Thank you sweetheart! So lovely

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