Christmas Gift Idea with Marvis

Christmas Gift Idea with Marvis

Today I come to you with a perhaps unusual proposal for a Christmas gift. But as the saying goes, life is too short for boring Christmas gifts, right? During my Maldives trip, I had my favorite toothpaste with me (please check the pics I made there for you under)… and not just one, but all of them. All flavors. Well… you might think I am crazy… or I have an unusual toothpaste obsession… But none of this is true.

This is part of a great collaboration with the Italian brand Marvis… which I am very proud of, cause Marvis is the only toothpaste that I have had on my teeth for more than ten years now. For me, this toothpaste is a lifestyle, a philosophy and above all a luxury object. It looks so classy and the taste is uniquely fresh and pleasant. You can only buy them in special perfumeries and online shops. So why not give away toothpaste? Please check their website and see the hole collection and all the gorgeous products they have.

In the past few days I have done a little experiment for you. I used a different toothpaste flavor every day and recorded everything on video. Have a look at my Instagram. You can find everything under the beauty highlights. Happy Christmas shopping! xoxo Georgina Moreno

Collaboration with Marvis

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