Braun Face Spa Pro

Braun Face Spa Pro

Advertisement/Collaboration with Braun.

Hey loves! It’s again time for some beauty talk. During my stay at the Bürgenstock Hotels & Resort, I tested my new Braun Face Spa Pro. It removes finest hairs, makes deep pore cleaning and skin toning. I love to try new beauty products. The face is so important for all of us. You can never do enough for a beautiful skin, right? Matching to the product, I chose the Waldhaus-Spa as the location for this photoshoot. You can take the Braun Face Spa Pro with you everywhere you go. It is portable and has the perfect travel size. You can use it during taking a shower or having a bath.

I am using the Braun Face Spa Pro since some days and I can already see positive results.

My skin appearance is enhanced. In the past I only used my hands and cleaning gel for cleaning my skin. I always had problems with blemished skin. Since I am using the cleaning brush from the Braun Face Spa Pro my skin is smoother and I have much less problems. It stimulates the blood circulation and reduces the pores. Even the epilation mode is a great alternative to the tweezers and much more precise. The pain scale is almost the same. The epilator really removes every little hair very fast. The result is gorgeous. However you should be careful near to the eyebrows. I still using the tweezers for the contours as long as I’m not so practiced with it. 

With the MicroVibration Head the application of facial creams should be much better and intensive.

Since the time of use was too short, I can not say enough so far. The light tapping feels quite comfortable on the skin. Another advantage is that you have no creamy hands afterwards.

Conclusion: the Braun Face Spa pro is worth it. Don’t miss the chance to try it. I am sure you will feel the difference too. No matter if I am at home or traveling… I don’t think I can live with the Braun Face Spa Pro anymore. It’s my spa moment for everyday. Have a lovely day babes! xoxo Georgina

4 Kommentare

  1. Mona
    15. Juli 2018 / 10:23

    Ich habe so etwas noch nie genutzt. Irgendwie denke ich, dass es überflüssig ist… aber deine Erfahrungen machen mich neugierig darauf. Danke dafür! Ich werde es ausprobieren ;

  2. Olga
    15. Juli 2018 / 10:24

    Well, I have only the brush part… maybe I should buy the rest too 😉

  3. Georgia
    15. Juli 2018 / 10:25

    Oh Danke! Du wirst es lieben 😉

  4. Georgia
    15. Juli 2018 / 10:26

    Thank you sweetie! It worth it! Don’t hesitate!

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