Sometimes you just have to escape and get out from the usual, more layered and serious every day life. One of my ways to do this is to spend hours in my bathroom taking care of myself. I light my favorite scented candle from Claus Porto, switch on the music and enjoy a very personal spa moment. Sometimes it happens between one and the other appointment, like you can see here.

    After a good carefree and off-duty moment I love to wear my best lingerie.

    No matter if I stay at home or have an important appointment in the city. It’s no secret that I like high-quality lingerie. I feel more beautiful and self-confident in it. Today I would like to present you my newest addition from Blue Label. Soft bras are my fave, because they have a relaxed and easy going silhouette. Just the perfect piece for all girls looking for a comfy and sexy lingerie. How do you like my new addition? Bra and thong can be shopped here. Check further lingerie posts here. xoxo Georgina Moreno

    Blonde girl lingerie

    Pictures, Editing and post production Georgina Moreno


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