Maxi Dresses are forever

Happy Day! Greatings from Mallorca today!

Dress: Totem Praia. Sunglasses: Rayban. Earrings: Elfcraft.

img_1551 img_1553 img_1601 img_1558 img_1604 img_1559 img_1616 img_1594


6 Kommentare zu “Maxi Dresses are forever

  1. Lucy Mitchell

    I love the colours of this dress. So pretty

  2. Like that tender looking poppy flower (in one of the small images) you seem to pop-up into that beautiful scenery.Your beautiful dress resembles in colour, with many of the tones one can see in the landscaper images. So you seem to belong there, as if you were a beautiful flower yourself blossoming into that part of nature. Moreover you are walking bare feet touchning the earth with each step and your cute little colibri seems to enjoy herself too – sometimes a very little detail does the trick! Well done, adorable! Congrats!

    • Thank you… Its great to see, that you understand my visual messages and the details too ;))) xoxo

      • I have recently noticed these hidden messages. After you published your poem I started to look more closely at the groups of picters you put under a new post, as I am conviced (from expeience) that ‚poetic‘ people do things differently! Namely more ‚poetically‘. Creating meaning by combining images which contain different ‚hidden‘ meanings is like writing a poem (containg of metaphores only).

  3. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article.Thanks Again. Really Great.

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