• Anonyme from Head To Toe

    Anonyme from Head To Toe

    Anonyme from Head To Toe

    I love it when new deliveries arrive at my home. It’s almost like a ritual… In other words, I open the packages and start trying on everything and combining the new pieces with each other. In addition I start having new ideas for fototshootings immediately. To sum up, when I saw these amazing pieces from Anomyme I was so inspired that I startet shooting everything just after unpacking them. I love this maxi dress, because it is comfortable and fabulous at the same time…. in other words this dress is my current favorite piece. This elegant coat and the long cardigan are from Anonyme too. I couldn’t be happier about my new look! xoxo Georgina Moreno. 

    Pictures, post production and editing Georgina Moreno


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