Annemarie Börlind Skin Care

Annemarie Börlind Skin Care

Annemarie Börlind Skin Care

Skin care is something very important for every woman, right? Especially when you have a stressful life (like me) traveling a lot, working hard and having not enough sleep, it is important to give your body and soul good feelings. 

I love beauty masks because you can see the results immediately. This kind of beauty ritual means quality time for me… just for me. It also has a positive effect on my soul when I know that I am doing something for myself and leaving the stressful world outside.

I’ve got many different masks from Annemarie Börlind and even eye pads. Annemarie Börlind offers beauty masks for every kind of skin situation. For tired, dull , dehydrated, sensitive or combination skin with large pores (like I have). All I can say is all masks work like they should and your skin feels softer and smoother after the treatment.

To try these products is worth it. All Annemarie Börlind products are vegan and free of mineral oil derivatives.

The anti-aging mask for demanding skin is very intensive and I have never tried something like that before. Its firming, smoothing and regenerating effect can be felt immediately. It is one of the most intensive masks I’ve ever tested. I use it not very offen, but I am happy to use it when I come back from a very stressful and long flight…

I work a lot at the computer and with the iphone… and I almost always have tired eyes. The hyaluronic eye pads are really gorgeous. They save my day when I need to look fresh and brighter again. I sometimes have them on when I fly (they are almost invisible), because the dry aircraft air is in general very bad for the eyes and skin. And I have one more precious tip for you: for the extra freshness kick you should keep the pads in the fridge. Please check my instagram stories for the videos about the products. xoxo Georgina Moreno


Pictures, editing and post production Georgina Moreno.