Alstertal Einkaufszentrum by Marlies Möller

Alstertal Einkaufszentrum by Marlies Möller

Today’s post comes directly from my favorite shopping center Alstertal in Hamburg, where I go shopping very often. Sometimes I spend there a whole day, and grant me the full pampering program, shopping tour, good food and beauty treatments. Today is about a makeover, I was able to experience in the hairdresser Marlies Möller.

Wedding Month

A few weeks ago I already posted something about marriage. (s. Link). At that time it was about the perfect dress. Today is all about the perfect hairstyle. Or rather updo. This is chosen depending on the occasion, structure, type and color of the hair, but also current trends should not be not left unconsidered here. Especially when a special occasion is present, such as a graduation ball, a wedding, an elegant garden party, attracts such a hairstyle of course the looks and acts more feminine.

Queen for a Day

An elaborate updo is always something special. I was very happy on that date. Maret, my hairdresser was employing more than an hour with my hair and worked with passion and perfection. She made my day much more special. The Marlies Möller Hairdresser Salon is minimalist, refined and decorated in black and white. The atmosphere pleasant and relaxing. A place to be.

Hair trend

Braided Hair is very popular this season. Likewise, the Undone look. Therefore I have decided for an updo with braiding and a casual bun. The deep bun is my favorite, because it goes with everything, harmonizes with many facial shapes and looks elegant. In addition, the hair for it must not be very long.

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2 Kommentare

  1. 17. Mai 2016 / 19:55

    Wirklich wunderschön. *-*
    Dir steht das sooo gut… :3
    Liebst, Anne Marie

  2. Georgia
    18. Mai 2016 / 4:43

    Liebe Anne ❤️ du bist so süß! Vielen Dank! Happy Day sweetie! LG

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