5 Tips for glowing skin when traveling

5 Tips for glowing skin when traveling

Traveling is the most beautiful experience for me. Unfortunately, traveling is also a major challenge for the skin. Dry air in the airplane, unusual food, different weather… and even if exploring new places can be in a way something stressful too. During my last trip to Portugal I let myself in for a beauty experiment. I took all five high performance skin treatments of Elixseri with me and used them according to the needs of my skin. In our times, we all should take care about our environment. I appreciate that Elixseri decided for a nice glass packaging instead of plastic. Please read more details about the Swiss brand and their products here.

Day 1:

Opening Act – Overnight Resurfacing Skin Renewal Treatment

I decided to start my experiment with this one, cause this fluid gel-serum is an exfoliator and remove dead cells, cellular debris and product build-up, helping all your other skin care products to work more effectively. In addition it makes my oily shine skin disappears after a busy day flying. The skin appears fresher, cleaner and smoother.

Day 2:

Rescue Diver – Multi-Level Hydration Cell Plumping Infusion

To start working on new photo shootings during my trips, I always need to have beautiful skin. The Rescue Diver helps against dehydration and keeps moisture levels intact. The skin looks more healthy and elastic and fine lines become not so visible. The perfect helper when you need to look fresh instantly.

Day 3:

Smooth Player – Line Smoothing Skin Radiance Serum

I rarely sleep well when traveling. The result is dry and tired skin. This soft creamy serum smooth away pesky lines and wrinkles and provides a double dose of hydration and nourishment. The skin looks and feels smooth and fresh.

Day 4:

Firm Conviction – Lifting, Contouring and Shaping Serum

After four days traveling I usually start getting a little bit tired, cause most of my trips are business trips. As an influencer I am always working when traveling. Firm Conviction offers instant firming, lifting and tightening effects. Elixseri even assures, that over time, elasticity is improved, skin tone is more compact, and contours are redefined.

Day 5:

Skin Meditation – Stress Neutralizing Cellular Energy Complex

I decided to use this one after five days traveling to detox, re-balance my skin and get my natural glow back before heading back home. The best choice after several stressful days walking in big cities, having strong sun exposure and eating/drinking toxic things. Skin Meditation reinforces the skin’s lipid barrier, reduces ruddiness and boost clarity and luminosity.


It is worth to pay attention to special skin care. Not just in everyday life, but especially when traveling. For people like me with a sensitive skin that tends to impurities, this beauty line from Elisxeri is particularly suitable and the skin immediately reacts in a positive way. In addition it is also important to always sleep good enough and to have a healthy diet. Especially when traveling this is an almost impossible task. Therefore, you should always look before traveling for healthy food restaurants and quiet hotels where you can sleep with fresh air. This is the best for a beautiful skin. As well as sports. I always do sports during my travels. If you follow these rules, your body thanks you with vitality, beauty and energy. This is the real goal, whether you are on vacation or on a business trip. xoxo Georgina Moreno

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